Product Sourcing

Are you sick of paying rising costs from suppliers? Here at KAYS INTL INC., we specialize in locating new suppliers to meet your every need. You give us the specifications for the products you need and let us worry about the subsequent steps. Our product sourcing experts can help you source any product you need. We don't limit ourselves to certain categories of products.
We have experience sourcing all kinds of consumer products ranging from electronic items, office supplies, computer accessories, business supplies, equipments, tools, spare parts, safety wear, Kitchen & home products, and more.

Our close relationships with suppliers enable us to source almost any product at factory prices. We deal with suppliers and provide the best product at the best price, no matter where the source. We already work with many of the largest manufacturers and distributors in the USA, and we are adding new ones every day.

Quotations (FOB, C&F, CIF)

KAYS INTL INC. will tailor its quotation to meet your needs. We offer pricing Ex-Warehouse, Free On Board and all-inclusive with Cost, Freight and insurance. We breakdown your quotations so you know exactly what you are paying for. Find out how much we can save you by e-mailing us for a free quotation.

Place and Administer Orders

Placing orders with suppliers on your behalf and expediting these orders is a primary service offered by KAYS. We will coordinate and consolidate multiple supplier shipments to save you money. We place the orders, follow up on them, and make sure you get your shipments on time.

Consolidation of Products from Multiple Suppliers

When your product needs require that multiple suppliers be utilized, KAYS will receive, warehouse and consolidate these into a single shipment. Your concern is for a single Purchase Order and Shipment to receive.

Financing (You Pay KAYS…… KAYS pays the Suppliers)

One payment instrument is all you require. You pay only KAYS. Let KAYS worry about making payments to the one or more suppliers utilized. Allow our financial experts to help with your letter of credit issues and problems. KAYS INTL INC. has a close relationship with Bank of America, but is flexible to work with our customers’ banks also.

Preparation of Products for Shipment

KAYS INTL INC. works closely with the suppliers to guarantee complete shipments with no partials or back orders. No shipment leaves our facility without close inspection. At KAYS INTL INC. , we understand how important it is to protect parts and equipment from damage and we take every step possible to ensure their first class condition.

Crating & Export Packaging Services

If standard carton is not acceptable or practical for your shipment, KAYS will provide crating & containerizing services as necessary. We will specially package your products to ensure their safety.

Export Documentation

Have you ever had your products delayed at customs due to export documentation problems? At KAYS INTL INC. we specialize in export documentation, so leave the preparation of all export documentation to us. Our experts will cut down on document discrepancies and save money.

Shipment by Truck, Air or Ocean to Destination

KAYS will arrange for the type of shipment that you require. We can ship by truck, ocean or air. KAYS will monitor shipment arrives expediently and safely at its destination. With our experience and expertise we make sure the products are delivered on time while minimizing any issues related.


U.S.A. follows a liberal trade policy. There are no restrictions on foreign payments except those imposed for security reason on transactions from China (main land), Cuba, North Korea, North Vietnam and Rhodesia.

The customs tarrifs of U.S.A. is based on schedule A, which is a statistical classification of commodities imported into U.S.A. and is not comparable to other international classifications. Import of all marchandise is subject to customs duty unless it has been specifically exempted from this duty.

Under its GSP offer, the U.S.A. is expected to allow imports of manufacturers and semi- manufactures from the developing countries free of duty excluding all textiles other than jute and coir, footwear and petroleum products.

Importing certain classes of merchandise may be prohibited or restricted to protect the economy and security of the United States, to safeguard consumer health and well being, or to preserve domestic plant and animal life. Many of these prohibitions and restrictions are subject to the law and regulations administered by other US government agencies with which customs cooperates in enforcement. These laws and regulations may prohibit entry, limit entry to certain ports; restrict routing storage or use or require treatment, labeling or processing as a condition of release.

Personal Concierge Service

If you know what you want but don’t know where to find it, we will locate the items of your choice, advise you of the total cost including delivery and custom charges. Upon your approval we will buy the item and deliver it right to your doorstep.So the next time you are in need of items from abroad let us know and we will make the purchase on your behalf and deliver it right to you; we will be your own personal shopper.